Recently i have realized that i am an emotional person. And that this requires an immense amounts of energy. When i am tired i have exaggerated highs and lows. For example if someone coming down the trail does not return my greeting i will turn around and flick them off(behind their back) or mumble some insult (hoping they will hear me). On the other hand if someone says good morning i will become elated with a sense that it is going to be a great day and people are good and the world is spinning in my favor. Of course men are blamed for being too un-emotional and not sharing their feelings. Possibly because since the first time we set foot on a playground any displayed emotion was a weakness and would be exploited by the next guy. Its darwinistic in that way. What happens is that we don't learn how to properly handle emotions throughout life. Ive known so many girls who break up from 'serious' relationships only to meet a guy and get married a year or two after. Whereas I've known just as many dudes that couldn't get over 'that one' girl for years. Not that this is an excuse for guys to shun emotional conversation or blow up and physically abuse people. But its good to know that i can give myself a break and try to rest more instead of fixating on 'that one' girl or lack thereof.