weakness and compromise

Unless you’re willing to go all in—run six miles a day and eat only fish and broccoli—you’ll never have those sculpted abs you see in the magazines. But neither will you have the unabashed joy of scarfing double-frosted chocolate cake. Instead you nibble away at half a piece, your enjoyment negated by your guilt that you couldn’t refuse it altogether. The person with the least worry over the compromises he must make is, of course, the person who doesn't compromise.


the ultimate conceptualization

if i could say it in a word, there would be no need for this. for the tangle of thoughts erupting desperately, each one dancing to a drum played in the forest which no one has heard. this is not to suggest that the idea is complex. far from it. as with most things which are simple and are understood by feeling and not words, rendering attempts to communicate such experience futile. even further, if I were to assemble the ideal palette of hues and tones mixing them dramatically over canvas in a distracting but motivating way it would only give the wrong impression. simply capturing the singularity of a thing that takes an infinite number to express. with each brush stroke or each letter assembled hides an entire universe which is but a link in the long chain of universes that must be explored. when dream becomes reality and the water is drinking you in, when the bodies many parts become many bodies, when the tree grows legs and the vine has eyes then the minds eye will see always and forever. or shall it begin with a question?