why's it so hard to do what you really want to do?

At work today we had a meeting of all the company where upper management thanked everyone for their hard work and then awarded someone with the designation 'employee of the month'. They said this person was a team player who was exceptional at filling out spreadsheets(they were only partially sarcastic about the latter). This sort of embarrassing motivational backwash reinforces the choices i've made over the last three months to spend more time/energy/focus training in the mountains and less being a perfectionist at work. I would rather have one person I respect acknowledge how hard it is to run AC100 in under 24 hours then to have a multitude of robot monkeys cheering about my ability to fill out company forms. Not to mention the satisfaction that comes with breaking through personal boundaries. That is it's own reward that affects every area of my life. We make choices everyday to do what we think other people want us to, instead of the things we we are truly passionate about. It's silly. The sun is shining on the otherside of this mountain, you just gotta break out of the pack and climb over it to get your reward.