We are light, we are change
we aren't easily arranged.
You will never set foot in the same river twice.

We are family, we are one
slowly circling the sun.
A lot can change I've got to know what makes you smile.

I'm afraid, I'm a shark

keep on moving or stop my heart
to know something about what all this means,

Finding strength in the dark
pretending to go on

and feel the blaze though you can't see a thing.

You go smiling through the years,
a summer storm of all your tears.
Lessons learned and then forgot blinded by faith

Drive away, drive away
say things you never thought you'd say.
find someone to make you stay and ease the pain

my heart burns

Science History of the Universe

"In its most general form, philosophy consists in an impulse on the part of the human mind to seek that which is fundamental in nature without and consciousness within itself. With special reference to the classes of problems that present themselves to the speculative understanding, philosophy may be said to investigate the ground of the world and the goal of human life."


Torches Together

We may still be young and and naive and harbor expectations in the sky, we may be imprinted by a childhood affair with the hounds of wander-lust biting our heals, we may be cursed with a self-preserving open-palm borne at the fear of loosing the few things we find worthwhile in this life... but at least we live in the scorching light of our own burning hearts.


work the social system

If you can figure out what peoples incentives are,
you have a good chance of guessing how they are going to behave.