No one takes charge. No one but our incompitent chaperognes speak english. We only make the situation worse by trying to instill order. Nobody thinks ahead. the atmosphere is laid back and festive until (no shit!) the train goes off the fucking tracks. The veggies are soaked in oil. All the food is soaked in oil! There are salads at least but its a numbers game until the stomach cant handle anymre bacteria.

No billboards in sao paulo
On Sunday major road in each city is shut down for people to run and bike
The capital was built by intent in the geographical center of the country

Got pepper sprayed by accident

The human race is a nervous, impetuous disease spreading upon the land.

Theres these moments when im on a trip in anther country and a song comes on the radio that i would never listen to at home. usually some new pop shit or something, but it fits the good vibes of sun and air and travel just right at the moment and i cant help but to smile.


It is frustrating to work in a foreign country where the culture defys logic. Not to say that every experience in the western world is comprehensible (not even by a stretch) but there seems to be no intrinsic effort towards efficiency in other cultures. You hafta let go of logic or your head will explode.

I cant tell someone how to do what i do. to become a better manager i have to change my responsibility. Forget about asthetics and focus on story etc.

- Posted from the Road