Remember to have fun

It's those quiet moments between our daily stresses that we remember that even being alive is a remarkable feat and should be celebrated.

- Posted from the Ice


In a world where the only thing constant is change,
it is not a question of the glass being half full or half empty.
It is rather a question of wether the glass is becoming full or becoming empty.
This will greatly effect how one interacts with the world.
How can I deal with this
You make it seem so effortless
When I might be falling for you

Looking back as she tears away
I swear I saw tear in that face
And I'm hoping I won't fall through

Take this love, with you today
Its not what you do, it's what I can't say
As the tide comes rushing in
You can't run away, gotta learn to swim


The more miles you run the faster you will become

Running is one of the few activities that reveals the way in which primal instinctive repetition cannot be replaced by any amount of science or emotion or tactics. In the face of such a basic, cumulative, natural process all technology, passion, and trick will fall short. Keep It Simple Stupid. The only way to get to the finish line is by taking one more step, and then another until eventually you cover it. Not one step that can be skipped. So do the miles. And look forward to the speed.


I have tried for a long time to sum up a growing opinion or feeling that I have about our society's ambition for wealth, its ancestral scientific outlook, and it's developed taste for mediocrity. I see the world in a light that was not intended to support such a creature. By lording over the universe we ruin it. To gain complete control over nature we miss fear and doom our future survival. I am proposing that we therefore destroy the elements of true freedom meanwhile admiring and desiring them. Like a young american boy running through the forest pretending to be a wild and free native-American ironically growing up in a culture that obliterated such a person.



When I do something in life, I do it 100%.
Every target I set... I aim to shoot and I shoot to kill.


Every morning in Africa an antelope rises and knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up and knows that it must run faster than the fastest antelope or it will starve. Doesn't matter if you are an antelope or a lion -- when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.
it is through the elimination of many factors which may cause failure that we open the door to success.


When you are traveling with a couple of fat asses who aren't even capable of hustling to the gate to catch a flight, do not feel inconsiderate when you decline their innocent offers to 'live a little'. The reason you feel stronger and more able is directly related to the lifestyle choices you make everyday.


- Posted from the Road


There was a life in every seed.
A tree on every leaf.
I saw a bird that when it spread it's wings a face appeared.

- Posted from the Road


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I was born in another land. It was all I knew until one time I was brought to America. During my visit I had a dream that I had forgotten something in my house in kenya. In my dream I went to get this thing that I had forgotten as if it was just down the street. I don't think I ever came back.