the beginning of it all

I remember it like it was yesterday, all of us swirling around in a pool of temperate atmospheric gases very unintentionally assembling ourselves into a most unstoppable force... I remember the first strand of DNA finally getting itself in order, then everything was set in motion very fast... We could hardly tell this from that back then; ions, photons, neurons all just sort of hanging there in space. Exchanging charges occasionally. Next thing you know the microtubules of a few cytoskeletons were beginning to disassemble leaving their brand new nuclei to disappear behind mitotic spindle fibers from the centrosomes which elongated and attached to the kinetochores. Man it was so fast I'm forgetting all the details. Soon the chromosomes were flattened like blueberries in the center of a pancake and by some tension of the spindle fibers the daughter chromatids were pulled apart to opposite polls. Before you know it those two brand new cells were breaking apart into 4 more and now we knew something had really begun. think of all the possibilities! Marshmallow guns, insect repellent hats, teleporting. What was next? Kinetochores were being copied for the plans of the veins and arteries and exoskeletons were mimicked when forming skin for the frailer but more complex organisms. Things just took a bit longer; about 14 days to make a skin cell which would survive for about 14 days after reaching the outer layer. The great thing was that when any part of an organism finished it's routine it went right back into the system. It took a while to figure out the whole process from dead skin cell, to carbon, to mineral, to tree, to fruit, to animal, to organic matter, to oil, to energy and back again.  oi, was it efficient. soon my uncle was sitting next to me on the dock looking hopelessly on as I awkwardly cast my fishing line into the ripples saying something under his breath that I may or may not have caught the jist of but went something like this...

"for a cell to divide into many thousands of cells that become an organism which can move across the land and feel the air in it's lungs, the wind on it's face, the earth move beneath it's feet; that is freedom, that is life. to breath is to change."