just living.

I've been heading out into the dessert, to get a view of life from outside the city. To hold it all in perspective against the star-struck sky and barren landscape. You can see for miles and it's beautiful. The sandy earth and the towering rocky formations reflect the faintest glimmer from the sky. Sometimes I can drive through the night with no headlights. Even the moon casts a shadow out here. How magical it is in this place sometimes. To breath, to work, to burn, to eat, to run, to move, to live, to breath. Creating nothing out of it, holding onto nothing.



you know that no matter what, you can go places. you can cross the terrain because you contain everything you need to go from point A to B... fast. even though your tired you want to go out again and capture that momentum you have when propelling yourself forward through the world.


I don't really feel like I'm at home, unless I'm going somewhere.