Owning the fire

You get to this point in training when you've done it for a while and you can stand back and see that you have a choice... You can continue to put in numerous hours, miles, and energy with no guarantee that you will ever be more than a mediocre recreational runner or you can decide that you are in it for the wrong reasons and prefer a more modest, civilized approach to exercise. In the latter case you may find it difficult to continue at all. I think the really great athletes are the ones who push on past these moments of doubt. By finding why it is a part of your life and a part of who you are you begin to understand that it is worth all that commitment. You realize that running will give you so much more than just winning and you like the pain anyway. I see now how far I've come and I know that there is still so much desire in me to press on and that drive will take me to places I didn't know were possible. Nothing in life should be decided by the scope of sacrifice one has to make to achieve greatness. You should approach your passions one step at a time. If you don't enjoy the running today, there is a low probability that you will like running by the time you have reached your potential.

- Posted from the Road