Angeles Crest spectating

so after returning from LAX in the AM I went up to shortcut saddle yesterday (the same spot we started our death march run that one hot day) to check on the ac100. Live update said the first place guy was on his way there. I found a bunch of the runners' crews hanging out and trying to spot anybody on the distant switchbacks through binoculars. I ran that section north of the saddle last week. Got some crazy poison oak (again) and according to some of the people there a new plant with purple flowers that I didn't know was poisonous. anyhow soon the first place dude shows up, Jorge, he's 42, he won it last year, and he's being paced by his wife which they're allowed to do after 50 miles. but they're walking. His whole family latino style sits him down and starts rubbing his legs, icing his neck, spraying his calves. Uncle is video taping and aunty is rinsing his bandana. he eats and drinks a bit, switches water bottles, and takes off. they cheer and whistle at him till he rounds the last bend into the valley. Pretty soon I caught wind that the second place guy isn't far behind. So I decide to stay a bit longer. Dominic comes up the hill in good form. Still running and smiling. Which is impressive at mile 60 something. His crew is more like a bunch of chicks and dudes. Asking him what he needs, telling him how good he's doing. Looking slightly clueless. He doesn't lounge around but shortly says he's good to go and a friend already set with camelbak takes off to pace him through to chantry flats. For an ultra it's all set up to be a 'sprint' finish. Will Dominic continue to pick up his pace or will Jorge forge on and get a second wind? I drove home with plans to hit some other check points or at least go to the finish. I tracked the live updates all day until I realized that Dominic now in the lead wasn't going to finish till 1:30am. But my schedule has been all messed up anyway and I didn't wanna miss this so I went to where I thought the finish was supposed to be and I couldn't find it! Eventually I came home and saw on a map where it was but 2 people had already finished so I called it a night.
with no more context then the results today (that's right, people were still finishing this morning) I found something extremely interesting. oh you thought you were just reading a stream of consciousness blob-i-ddy-du? Nope, there's a moral to this story... and here it is. Out of 72 starters in the race, Jorge who dominated the first half of the race, was the only one to drop out.