the running man - free

it all started with a shoe. this was no ordinary running shoe. it was designed with big studs on the bottom for gripping trails of any kind. mud, rocks, or grass. perfect for the mountain he was now running up. nothing could slow him down when he wore those shoes. but on todays 20 mile gaunt the studs were backfiring. they were digging into the pad of his foot every time he ran downhill. soon he had a bruise so bad that he squinted in pain each time his foot touched the ground. he stopped suddenly and took the shoe off. next thing he knew he was standing on the side of this mountain with a shoe in his mouth trying to bite the rubber stud right off! needless to say his teeth were no match for the rubber and with a shout of rage he swiftly threw the shoe off the side of the mountain. in minutes he was laughing at how ridiculous the situation had been. Despite it all he was still running, barefoot. And you know what? there was no more pain. he climbed high on that mountain before he realized that his shorts were beginning to cause chafing between his legs. he tried pulling them up into a wedgie which didn't help. He then tried sagging them real low which didn't help either. As soon as the chafing became so painful that he was holding his breath between steps, without any hesitation he removed his shorts altogether and threw them off the mountain. and that is how a group of hikers spotted a man running naked through San Gabriel mountains one day. it is rumored that he still runs like that.