Leave it all behind

It began with fire. Fire that man unleashed to make the wheel. The wheel that conquered gravity and allowed man to move great distances. In distant lands man mined metals from the earth and forged blades to tame nature, hinges and locks to guard castles, pulleys to catapult objects from a safe distance. He thought up such ingenious weight bearing devices so as to dig deep trenches and lift great stones. Under the earth he found new elements. Chemistry gave him powder that could deliver such a force when mixed with fire that no mountain could refuse his passage. Then came the evolution of the wheel into gears. Refinement of crude oils into fuel for combustion gave rise to complex machinery. The ability to fly followed swiftly. In the blink of an eye there was no place man could not go. With the push of a button the world is now at his doorstep.

All that could not bring man closer to this; the earth, the wind, and the sky.
The only thing that can is your feet.