Freedom of Persuit

Most of life is spent waiting. Waiting can be very slow and confusing. It can also be very busy and deceptive. All the while you wait, and the choice you have is simple. It is up to you what you are waiting for.
Only when you make up your mind, is the path laid out before you. When you know what path you are taking you can decide which way to turn. Then you will be able to live out your desires by knowing which way to go. But still you will spend most of your time waiting.

Leaving friends in Kenya was like crashing our car off the mountain road and down into a forest below. Miraculously we survived and some us remained there for a long time, lost in the forest. Until we realized that if we wanted to get somewhere we must go back up to the road. As much as we wish that we could put the car back on the road as it was before, it is not within our power. So we must go on with just ourselves until we find another place.