Travel Log: Hawaii

After a great weekend and visit from Steve, which concluded with a 15k race (finished 2nd and 3rd) early Sunday morning, lunch at great harvest bread co, and riding the bus to LAX together, I boarded a flight to Honolulu with the Hurley camera crew and a couple surfers including Rob Machado. The first 2 days we had cloudy weather and poor surf making for an unmotivated group of athletes and even less determined camera crew. At the mercy of the elements for both sun and waves we tried to retain a positive energy by continuously reviewing and testing b grade footage. The only thing holding up to our unanimous expectations was the food. From swordfish with pineapple salsa to ahi poke to acai bowls with honey granola and bananas on top, we enjoyed the exquisite tastes of the north shore. I started the 3rd and final full day with a run on the bike-path that parallels the shoreline. The sun was just breaking over the hills behind our house when I got back. There was something different about this day. We all felt it. After a quick bite I grabbed my gear and hiked with the group across the street to a section of waves called log cabins. The session produced some great clips with adequate lighting. Enough to stay in focus at least! And we felt that we deserved a little luck after all our struggling. Now on the bus headed home I'm soaking in the events of the last week...

- Posted from the Road