Standards of Perfection

people seem to forget that perfection takes total focus and dedication. they come to expect it without sacrifice. there is nothing if there is no struggle. darkness makes light possible. acknowledging this is the first step to realizing your potential. you must not fall prey to their folly and come to expect the impossible out of yourself even though they desire it.

in creative work, all achievements are relative. perfection is just an esoteric idea thrown at a wall of individual experience. this is why you get stuck in a 'loop' if you aim for the absolute best you can be in all areas of life. it's meaningless until you decide what the best looks like.

you cannot associate too closely with a project or you will feel that you also might not be satisfactory in some way. the beauty of life is that we are always becoming. always new. there is no negative for life.

and if being able to completely open yourself to a vision and let it become you is a gift. then use it sparingly and if it does not reveal itself, take peace from it.

the joy of what you do is to create something from nothing. no money or deadline or co-worker can take that away from you. always create.

it's easy to take things to seriously. but you just hafta smile and eat, run, play, work, repeat and pretty soon you might find that ur alive.

live in the moment not for the moment. make the best choice now, knowing that you deserve it later.

drink from ur best glass, eat the best food everyday, and play like you mean it because today might be your last.