Epic day in the San Gabriels yesterday!

Baldy 10,064', Thunder 8,587’, Telegraph 8,986', Timber 8,303’, Cucamonga 8,858’, Bighorn 8,441’, Ontario 8,693’

At the base of Bighorn I didn't think I had the last two peaks in me. I almost took the trail past the turn off to head back down to my car. I started taking steps very slowly up the unmaintained ridge line trail(nearly cross-country) and pretty soon found myself on the other side of the peak heading towards Ontario. It's a powerful experience to get through moments of disbelief like that. I ran out of water on the way up to Ontario but luckily found the springs down in Icehouse canyon gushing. I drank for a minute at both of them and was still thirsty as the last light of day disappeared in an orange glow against the pine forested slopes. Running down the road back to my car at Baldy village I saw a fox or coyote dash across the street. The sliver of a moon shone brightly in the darkening sky and an owl hooted somewhere in the forest by the road. A perfect way to end an exceptional day in the mountains.

47.5k, 8hrs +11,500