Thoughts on addiction

Life is made up of simple things. Eating, drinking, and communing with others. There's not much to it. Once we have mastered that part of life most of us search for elevated experiences beyond the basic. Trying to be more happy whatever that means for each of us. We listen to a song, we kiss a girl, we take drugs, we stay up all night. Diving deeper into endurance sports and refining my diet and lifestyle around training I find myself drifting from the norms of my friends and my past lifestyle. Alcohol and late nights out don't bring about the same wild and reckless elevated experiences as they once did. You could say that I don't party anymore. But in truth i still party. The new 'high' comes from movement. My favorite kind being on trails in the mountains. Even exploring a new corner of town has a particular thrill to it. Movement of any kind allows us to have new experiences and that's what feeds me. Coupled with pushing myself towards my own capacity for endurance, this is the new extreme. I seek camaraderie in the wilderness rather than under the neon lights. Sometimes it's less tangible than a cold bottle in your hands, other times the view is piercingly clear and brings the same pulsing rush as center stage.

- Posted from the Road