the importance of SLEEP

Imagine a restaurant full of patrons eating drinking and enjoying themselves as the waitresses scurry around fixing drinks and delivering food which the kitchen full of cooks fry, steam, bake, and boil for the clientele. now imagine at night after everyone leaves and the staff has gone home an 'overnighter' as we used to call them comes in to get everything clean and ready for the net day when it happens all over again. he drains the fryer and washes everything in the kitchen, he restocks the napkins and cup dispensers, and he puts the next days menu where it can easily be found first thing in the morning when the groggy staff returns. The staff does some tidying up throughout their shift but he takes his time all night long and does a thorough job leaving nothing undone. Now imagine if the 'overnighter' is told to accomplish his job in 1 hour instead of the usual 8. Imagine the the crew coming in the next morning and not being able to find the menus. Imagine them scrambling to restock the napkins and salt and pepper shakers while taking the first orders of the day. Imagine the cooks trying to wipe things down between cooking omelets and toast. Or worse imagine them delivering dirty food to costumers along with burnt day old coffee! Imagine the same scenario in a hotel room, or an airplane and you have the perfect analogy for what happens to the organs of your body when you don't sleep. They cant function efficiently or properly when they don't get a good overhaul in between shifts. They start the day already in a state of stress and the dirt and grime continues to build up. At first it's just in the seams and cracks but after a couple days with improper restoration everything becomes greasy and disorganized.