Quotes - Antifragile

we have developed a fondness for neomanic complication over archaic simplicity

“The regimen of the Salerno School of Medicine: joyful mood, rest, and scant nourishment. Si tibi deficiant medici, medici tibi fiant haec tria: mens laeta, requies, moderata diaeta.”

We chek people for weapons before boarding the airplane. Do we think they are terrorists? False. But we check them nevertheless because we are fragile to terrorism. There is an asymmetry. We are interested in the payoff, and the consequence, or payoff, of the True (that they turn out to be terrorists) is too large and the costs of checking are too low. Do you think the nuclear reactor is likely to explode in the next year? False. Yet you want to behave as if it were True and spend millions on additional safety, because we are fragile to nuclear events. A third example: Do you think that this random medicine will harm you? False. Do you ingest these pills? No, no, no.”

Trial and error is freedom

Assume that the worst possible thing has already happened and that the rest of the day is a bonus.

If you dislike someone, leave him alone or eliminate him; dont attack him verbally.

The more studies, the less obvious elementary but fundamental things become; activity, on the other hand, strips things to their simplest possible model.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is.
Yogi berra