notes of events

thursday morning I flew out of Burbank Airport at 7am after just 5 hours of sleep. Could not seem to organize my luggage or thoughts the night before. growing confidence that my producer has organized competently for the adventure ahead. after hauling gear bags through the airport, meeting up with the rest of the crew and driving from Salt Lake City to Park City, UT we filmed our first key interview with the director of programming for the Sundance Film Festival(the guy who picks the films). My body needs rest before it can train so I will not worry about missing any runs today. Satisfied to get organized and rested for some busy days and nights ahead. Woke up to blue over head and white covering the ground. Found a market and picked up some fresh organic foods to eat. I don't mind being the only one on the crew that isn't satisfied getting by on energy drinks and pizza. With a fresh menu and a good 12 hours to adjust to the altitude(7000ft) I went for a 5 mile run on a snowed out bike trail just before the sun set. I enjoy watching the Australian Open and EPL soccer matches in the 3 bedroom condo we have rented when we're not battling traffic and the cold to film in this fantastic little ski town. The kenyan tea bags I brought are keeping me comfortable as we film and edit late into the night. Our first big deadline kept me up until 8 am... after an hour nap I got up to a great response from the client. I stayed up the rest of the day so as not to upset my internal clock and keep some semblance of a routine. It snowed almost all day. After getting a good sleep I got up and went for another 5 mile run through the neighborhood. The roads were icy so I went carefully over some rolling hills. The crew is co-operative but need some spark.