why good girls go for bad boys

when finding a mate... we all have to choose from the fishes that live in the sea. we may have a difficult time deciding who will be right for us and for our future. a girl has to choose from what may seem like a pool of ego driven, thick-skulled, maniacs running around the soccer field paying attention only to their own senseless campaigns. Which is a nearly unbearable proposition. Faced with the pressure to choose a mate who will make her happy and provide the stability of a relationship she will undoubtably notice any boy that stands out above the norm. Wether he stands out for treating her different than the other boys, for being specifically talented, or for being a complete asshole it makes no difference. Whatever makes the decision easier as a means of coping with the pressure of having to make the decision. Even if that leads her to a great deal of trouble. I make decisions like this sometimes. I believe when it comes to relationships boys receive less pressure to get themselves into a relationship from both self inflicted and external influences.